Alkane Machine

Alkan Machine Company is the first manufacturer of conical gears (pinion and cranville) in various dimensions, using advanced machinery and necessary technical knowledge in Iran, and in order to teach the installation and assembly of the above gears, on light industrial gearboxes And heavy active.
Alkan Machine Company in 1996, along with other large companies in the design and production of transmission systems in the world, succeeded in obtaining representation from Keysoft in Switzerland and is the only sales representative and training software for comprehensive computing systems in the Middle East. The above software has the ability to control the quality of the stages before and after mechanical production and is one of the most professional mechanical engineering software in the field of gearbox system calculations. It is also the only member of the British Gear Association (BGA) in the Middle East.

Alkan machine with modern and advanced machines, especially spiral cone gear production machines, gear profile stones in different sizes exclusively, in order to design and produce all kinds of gears and industrial gearboxes from 1 kW to 3000 kW and all kinds of gears. From 30 mm to 5000 mm in diameter, it is fully competitive with all kinds of products of prominent foreign factories.