Project financing

Business Engineering Group of Pioneers of Trade and Sustainable Development with the help of partner foreign offices in Germany, while having a strong and continuous relationship with reputable European financial institutions and insurance companies such as HERMES, SACE and… Considering the successful experiences gained during the embargo and turnover of accounts, the possibility of providing different financial solutions to purchase raw materials, equipment and services required for industrial projects from EU member states or other countries with long-term payment (Differed payment) and Credit form is available.

This group can also introduce the projects with the guarantee of the Supreme Economic Council (Sovereign Guarantee) to large European financial groups to receive long-term financing, facilitate the conditions for attracting financing and coordinate the relevant affairs.

It is worth mentioning that considering the country’s need to supply energy through renewable energy and also the priorities in the country’s industries to reduce dependence on fossil fuel consumption and electricity generation in small local units and based on the needs of different climates, this complex It can introduce licensed projects to investor partners for the joint construction of these power plants, without the need for special guarantees and initial costs, so that the relevant projects can be started as soon as possible.

According to the specialized team of this group in the electricity sector, this complex in all stages of starting projects such as local gas power plants, solar and wind power plants by preparing explanatory plans, technical arguments and providing feasibility studies and return on investment with applicants Will be cherished.

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