Refrigeration and cooling packages(Cool Tech)

Cool Tech Finland (Finland) is a company with knowledge and technology in the field of production of cooling and refrigeration packages, which was founded by Dr. Tochni in Finland, Homa.
COOL TECH Finland specializes in the assembly and manufacture of units and units for refrigeration, refrigeration and industrial chillers used in various industries.

Other activities of Cole Tech Finland in the field of cooling and refrigeration packages include the supply of relevant compressors, updating of old cooling systems, commissioning and pre-commissioning of cooling and refrigeration packages, monitoring, supply of spare parts And noted the maintenance of units related to this section.

Cole Tech Finland has a manufacturing plant with an area of 6000 m ^ 2 in the city of Homay, Finland, which currently has 50 personnel specialized in the field of refrigeration packages and has succeeded in building and delivering many projects in the last 15 years. .

Cooling and refrigeration packages have a wide range of applications, some of which are mentioned below:

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