The company, as the official representative of NASKCO Emirates, is ready to provide business and engineering services in this field.
NASKCO company with a history of nearly 30 years with a strong relationship with old and well-known companies such as NOV, Wenzel FMC, SPM, V & M, COUGAR and… the ability to provide specialized equipment in the shortest time, sometimes relying on existing stock immediately Due to the credit gained in many years of activity, it is possible to provide services and equipment required by its customers on a lease basis.
Pishgaman Tejarat Company, with access to construction workshop sites in the region with an area of ​​more than 10 thousand square meters, has the ability to engineer and build the required units in the drilling industry according to international standards.

Another capability of this complex is to provide specialized and experienced manpower to launch and pre-launch drilling projects and to participate in such projects from the beginning to the end.
By attracting foreign capital and using the power of domestic investors, this group is able to solve the financial problems of employers and contractors in this industry, which is an obstacle to accessing appropriate services.

Some of the units that can be built are:

Some of the equipment that can be provided are:

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