Pishgaman Tejarat Va Tosee Paydar

The first constructor of a standard ice hockey rink in Iran

Pishgaman Tejarat Va Tosee Paydar

Pishgaman Trade and Sustainable Development Company was registered in 2006 with the mission of providing engineering services and equipment for the country’s infrastructure industries, especially the oil industry. The company has a mission to use and train technical and engineering staff and graduates of reputable universities and employ them in various units including marketing and sales, business and engineering, while accurately translating the needs of the industry to present to reputable companies. Foreign, become a reliable consultant for the country’s industry to prepare and supply and select the best options to solve problems and limitations as a result of increasing the productivity of applicant units

Relying on its technical and executive team, Pioneers of Trade and Sustainable Development Engineering and Commerce Group has been able to successfully complete various projects for employers.

Considering the activities of the Business Engineering Group of Pioneers of Trade and Sustainable Development in various sectors including equipment supply, engineering and executive services and equipment manufacturing, this group has been able to carry out various projects for industrial employers, including medical disposable, drilling and petrochemical equipment industries. , Successfully perform specialized refrigeration and cooling and air conditioning.  
Pishgaman Trade Engineering and Sustainable Development Business Engineering Group is always meeting the needs of the country’s infrastructure industries due to its activities in the construction and supply of equipment and installation of facilities, relying on the rank of four management and planning organizations. 60% is under construction in the refrigeration, refrigeration, winter sports and tank construction sectors for the manufacturing and disposable medical equipment industries.  

Expected prospects of PTP, securing the interests of contractors and employers of the country’s industry through quality improvement; Providing engineering and commercial services and as a result reducing overhead costs and increasing their productivity and consequently increasing the interests of shareholders and providing more facilities and amenities to improve the living standards of the staff of the complex.

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