Ethylene Oxide Cylinders

Considering the activities of this group regarding engineering and inspection services and quality control and information about the existing restrictions and the crisis of production units in the years of sanctions, the engineers and specialists of this company with the cooperation of inspection experts of competent companies and petrochemical company as the sole custodian of gas production. Ethylene Oxide, succeeded in designing and manufacturing ethylene oxide gas storage cylinders, for the first time in the country, which is still continuing successfully and without a single case of error or accident, and caused the need for production units active in the field of medical equipment production once Consumption is sterilized.

The first supplier of stainless steel capsules, the only manufacturer and supplier of ethylene oxide cylinders with the national standard mark of Iran approved by Petrochemical

Among the equipment and products that are sterilized by this method and by ethylene oxide gas can be important and strategic items such as blood bags, dialysis filters, surgical guns, eye surgery syringe needles, insulin syringe needles and other injection and serum supplies and .. noted that in the treatment of certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, immune syndrome (AIDS), thalassemia and کنند play a very important role! The uses of this cylinder, which were briefly mentioned, testify to the very high importance of the product of this collection in health, safety and treatment of certain diseases.

Some of the company's customers in the field of ethylene oxide capsules:

All stages of design and manufacture of capsules have been performed by the specialists of this company and the mentioned capsules have successfully passed various inspection stages, including various tests, and also this company has the ability to prepare and supply various types of N2, O2, Ar gas storage cylinders. is.

Ethylene oxide gas is highly flammable, explosive with extreme shock or heat, and highly toxic, reacts immediately with steam or liquids, and explodes rapidly. Due to the very high risks of this gas, the capsule valve used is one of the most reputable international manufacturers.

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