Pishgaman Tejarat va Tose’e Paydar with the help of foreign partner offices in Germany, considering having strong and continuous relationship with financial and famous European insurance such as HERMES, SACE, so on as well as bank account in German banks like EIH and regarding obtained successful experiences in sanction period and account turnover, is able to present various financial solutions to purchase row material, facilities and required services of industrial projects from EU member states or other countries with differed payment and as credit. Furthermore, concerning introducing projects with Sovereign Guarantee, this group can facilitate financial Absorption Terms for major European financial Associations to receive differed finance and can responsible for coordinating relative affairs. It should be noted that regarding country necessity to supply energy from renewable energies as well as existing priorities in industry for reducing dependence on consuming fossil fuels and producing electricity in small local units and according to requirement of different locations of country, this department can provide licensed plans to investor partners to co-establish relative power plants without the need for special guarantee and primal expenses, thus these relative plans are started to conduct as soon as possible. Concerning specialized team of this group in power sector, this department accompanies with dear customers in all stages of plan starting including local gas power plants, solar and wind power plants by providing brief explanations, technical and presenting feasibility studies and return on investment.