With our commerce division, you gain a highly experienced team ready to help you meet your individual and corporate plan need.

We dedicate our consultant team to making your investment a successful part of your future.

We take the time to learn about the particular needs of your company before designing and implementing your plan.

You get pure and objective advice, assistance in finding the optimal provider to meet your specific needs, and the confidence knowing that those investments are being monitored on a continual basis.

We help clients identify new growth opportunities.

As we benefit of know how technical and engineering sciences to corporate infrastructure industries, we are able to planning long team targets accordingly.

Our experienced commerce team conducts detailed assessment of customer and market dynamics, develop   appropriate commercial and   strategic approaches and support management to achieve revenue growth.

We help clients capitalize on opportunities while addressing complex legislative policy, technology, and economic issues.

Offering right approach to get best quality, appropriate price, on time delivery and other parameters is our commerce consulting services.

Our company benefits of collaborate with our partners in different multinational offices abroad which able us to purchase any project materials at the best possible cost,  quality, and early  time.

Our engineering services are but not limited as follow:

-procuring Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, power plant, cement …and all infrastructure industries equipment and materials.

-Purchase engineering and technical assessment.

-develop and set finance and technical proposal   according to contractors and executive projects needs.

– Full access to update AVL (Approved vendor list) of all Iranian Employers.

Our departments are:

–          Managing and engineering of all required equipment for Electrical part of the projects for transmission, Substation, Power Generation, …

–          Managing and Engineering for purchasing piping material like Pipe, Valve …

–          Manufacturing of all Mechanical Fix Equipments.

–          Managing, Engineering and manufacturing of all Equipments and packages related to Drilling Industries