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company incorporated in 1385 with the aim of procurement and industries equipment for country infra instruction specially in  the field of petro.

Our company mission is to benefit of graduated and train engineering and technician in any engineering industries and utilize their expert in field of civil / mechanical / electrical / piping .

We are industrial construction and providing reliable consultancy and services to country industries in terms of best and economy.

Sourcing and procurement material.

Each of our staff has vested interest in success of every project and client to optimize efficiency of work.

Perspective of PTP is to secure benefits of country industrial contractors and employers through improvement of engineering / commercial / services quality , hence reducing costs and upgrade efficiencies.

Consequence of this strategy would be increasing benefit of stock holder and finally preparing welfare/livelihood facilities /for all person / engaged.

In process of engineering services to country industries sector , in 1389 for the first time , we could design and manufacture ethylene oxide cylinder for medical purpose which had a good market opportunity by medical equipment manufacturer.

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